Environmental Protection Building Materials
Lime Water-based water repellent
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Environmental Protection Building Materials
Lime Water-based water repellent
Although the regular maintenance of the building stone wall, floor, landscape and cement walls, but the dirt will stick, the cleaning industry in order to remove the dirt often use strong acid, alkali solvent, but only hurt the stone wall.
• The general solvent-based protective agent will only be attached to the surface after the brush, the wind and rain, it will gradually drain, the validity period is short.
• The general organic protective agent due to the acidity of the solution is very strong, containing organic silane molecules, easily because of ultraviolet radiation cracking and decomposition of yellow, resulting in not beautiful black spots, it’s difficult to remove.
•The silane is grafting onto water-soluble silicic acid molecules.
• The silicic acid is a highly reactive molecule that, through chemical cross-linking, can be followed by strong stone.
• The silane has been grafted onto the silicic acid molecule and is therefore not rapidly lost and UV is harder to destroy.
• It’s a high permeability type, inorganic nano-silicic acid molecules will fill the stone pores and crystallization, but also with breathable breathable effect.
• It has excellent water repellency (commonly known as Lotus effect) to produce water droplets and effectively prevent water from penetrating.
• It’s not susceptible to dusty sticks, dusty dust, rain or wall wash.
• The surface of the stone does not form a film, and the ultraviolet or acid rain does not cause spot stains.
• The duration of the maintenance of the stone curing agent (depending on the environment) can be maintained for 2 to 3 years, saving annual maintenance and cleaning costs.
• It’s recommended to add a new layer on a regular basis every three years, you can continue to play the role of water pollution prevention, so that the stone forever as new.
Reaction mechanism:
Lime water-based water purifying agent for the characteristics of silane (Silane) grafted first grafted in water-soluble inorganic silicic acid molecules, silicic acid is highly reactive molecules, through chemical cross-linking (cross-linking) And stone and then strong and produce water and protective effect.

Suitable for stone, landscape pool stone, washed stone, sip stone, tile seam, tiles, calcium silicate board, gypsum board, concrete wall and other surfaces. It has a waterproof, anti-fouling function used in the bridge, piers of the protection works.

Construction procedures:
• The surface of the stone, tile and other surfaces must be clean, dry (or dried), remove the dust and grease, moss, and the other building facade all the cracks need to repair and dry, the water can be completely penetrated.
• According to the stone water absorption, with a brush or roller continuous back and forth coating one to two can be completed after the surface of the proposed dry 24 hours after drying to contact with water.
• It’s recommended to apply a new layer every two to three years on a regular basis to continue to prevent water and pollution.
• Don’t dilute.
• Clean the natural stone with tap water. (Poor water quality easily affect the natural stone, resulting in the crystallization of stone or yin and yang surface.)
• The water content of the stone containing the water repellent is less than 40% RH. If the stone is made of high water in the stone, please test the appropriate area and observe it for a long time.
In the operation
• Avoid local and sunlight construction, resulting in white crystals.
• The curing agent should be uniformly applied to the surface, and the excess will cause the surface to produce white crystals.
• If the allowance is not dry, immediately wipe with a sponge, a clean cloth, or use an air compressor. In the case of
• After the application should be flat and dry stone; dry, not the stone stacking. (Natural dry time 3 days)
• After drying, it can not be painted again for the second time.
After the operation
• When the lotion is not in use, the seal must be tight, to avoid the crystallization phenomenon.
• Be sure to clean the coating tool (eg brush, bucket) after daily operation.
• After the removal of the remaining drugs can’t be poured into the barrel.

Color: transparent.
Ingredients: Inorganic silicates and silane compounds.
Mixing ratio: single liquid type.
Storage period: 12 months.
Brushing area: 3 ~ 5 ㎡ / 1kg.
Use tools: brushes or rollers.
Hardening time: 24 hours.
Packing: 20kg / barrel.

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