Lime Touch Highly alkaline ionized water
The end of the new cleaning agent products, multi-functional alkaline ion water.
Patented technology from Japan, a littel amount can be clean, sterilization, no second water cleaning.
100% pure water manufacturing, without any chemical composition, alcohol, safe non-toxic.
Love the earth, save water the best environmentally friendly products.

Product Features:
Pure water production without any chemical composition, non-alcoholic, colorless and tasteless, no chlorine, no pollution.
It can completely replace the cleaning agent, strong to oil and sterilization effect, do not hurt the skin, the environment will not cause secondary pollution.
With instant disinfection, decontamination, decomposition of fishy smell effect.
It can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, with a strong clean antibacterial effect, and no residue.
It can be used for home environment surface clean, baby supplies clean, safe and disinfected.
Use Lime Touch Highly alkaline ionized water
Wiping the items, the surface with a large number of negative ions, to prevent static electricity and dust, the best environmentally friendly revolutionary products.

Direct spray on the surface of the need to clean the object, and then clean the paper towel or cloth back and forth to clean.

Scope of application:
1. Electronic, mirror products:Camera lens, computer screen, TV, stainless steel watch, mobile phone screen, piano, glasses, crystal lighting and so on.
2. Leather goods:Leather sofa, purses, leather and other cleaning.
3. baby supplies:Toys, tableware, dining chairs, baby carriages and so on.
Main ingredients: alkaline ionized water (non-potable water)

1. Do not allow children to use alone, if not accidentally into the eyes, please immediately rinse with plenty of water, until the comfort, if the drink drink a lot of water.
2. Avoid the use of paper towels or wipes used repeatedly, should contain oil, ion water will be its oil stains decomposed, the effect but worse.
3. Avoid direct sunlight on the product.
4. Non-drinking water.

Shelf life: 1 year

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