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Lime Anti-mildew silicone
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The most common place to moldy should be the bathroom with the kitchen on the desk of the silicone at home, the silicone itself is a very cheap filling material, the use of a very wide range, once moldy, not only affect the appearance and health, follow-up Repair is a very troublesome problem.

Buy a house is the greatest cost of life in the life of the assets, coupled with the movement is at least millions or even tens of millions. A group of imported or domestic sanitary ware or kitchen utensils are a lot of money, imports of bathroom or kitchenware are often more than one million. Silicone's own material and mildew function is very important. The use of anti-mildew silicone properties, although higher cost, the overall cost of the project is negligible, the impact is very far-reaching.

This product is the use of Japanese imports of silicone as the substrate, coupled with the Japanese imports of more than 2,000 kinds of composite anti-mildew antibacterial agent made of seams, with excellent long-term anti-mildew bacteria and the excellent effect of silicone Characteristics such as weatherability, durability, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet radiation, and high adhesion.

Feature of product:
1. Mildew bacteriostatic effect, not easy due to mold and produce dirt attached to the phenomenon.
2. Neutral curing non-corrosive, no sour, durable, weather, heat, cold, water, resistance and other superior characteristics.
3. Adequate, can be widely used in a variety of joints, such as glass, metal, magnetic, wood, most of the plastic and so on.
4. Mixed operation of a single dosage form, easy construction.
5. No acid, solvent-free type of sealing material, no shrinkage after hardening phenomenon, making the expansion joints are tightly airtight, watertight.

◆ Built-in seams filled of hospitals, clean rooms, combined type freezers, etc.
◆ kitchen, bathroom equipment to fill the joints.
◆ Waterproof seal material such as sink, flow table, shower, etc.

Product Specifications:
◆ Neutral, indoor building with filling.
◆ Single-type single-mounted, the use of guns can be operated.
◆ Packing: 310g / pack.
◆ White, other colors according to customer requirements.

Seam design:
According to JASS8 (Japan Architectural Society Building Standards Model Waterproofing) requirements.

Avoid rain, direct sunlight, and need to keep in the dry room temperature (25 ℃) the following custody, preservation should pay attention to completely closed and no moisture contact.

Valid period: 12 months after manufacture.

Use Note:
◆ Construction should maintain the use of clean and dry parts.
◆ should pay attention to not rain in the set after 1 day, so as to avoid surface damage and hardening and other phenomena.
◆ After a set of time to fill the internal material is still semi-hardened state, should be noted that can not be used in moving the joints at the intense.
◆ should pay attention to maintain the design basis of JASS8 in the surface to withstand excessive displacement, which may cause surface wrinkles and internal damage and other damage.
◆ Seepage may occur in the phenomenon of pollution, in the use of stone, stone tiles and other outer wall joints, attention to the beautiful construction case Please contact us beforehand.
◆ When using the gun should be used in the following 3.0kgf / cm2, pay attention to the use of high pressure when there is the risk of material spray or packaging rupture.
◆ Protective materials, waterproof film, etc. When using EPT and chloroprene rubber, there may be deterioration (discoloration and then bad) in contact with the part of the joint. It is recommended to confirm in advance.
◆ This product can not be used in copper-based metal, due to hardening produced Oxime will react with copper-based metal, may cause corrosion.
◆ Oxime produced by the product during hardening may cause breakage of resin with low solvent resistance such as acrylic and polycarbonate, which should be confirmed beforehand.
◆ Residue to re-use, the tip should be cut off after the closure, and early use is completed.

Safety ‧ Precautions for hygiene:
◆ This product is non-combustible material, can not be used in contact with the fire, nor can be used in the need for fire parts.
◆ Not suitable for use in places where continuous high temperature (temperature upper limit of 150 ° C).
◆ curing are required above 5 ℃, is strictly prohibited below 0 ℃ curing.
◆ should pay attention to adequate ventilation, ventilation in the use of inadequate places will be on the eye, nose irritation, and cause physical Discomfort.
◆ Primer contains a large number of ignition solvent (fire law dangerous matter class 4), should pay full attention to the anger.
◆ When the non-hardened sealant is attached to the skin, wipe it immediately and wash it thoroughly with water and soap.
◆ False into the eye should be immediately rinse with water more than 15 points, and accept the doctor diagnosis.
◆ For details, please refer to the product safety data (MSDS).
◆ Should be used in contact with food parts.
◆ Oxime type of seal material safety and health Note:
1. This product will produce MEKO (Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime) in hardening.
2. Animal experiments, a long time, a large number of inhalation MEKO part of the cause of harm.
3. For a long time, a large number of inhalation may be hazardous to health, the use of adequate ventilation should be.
4. For details, please refer to product safety information.
This product for the general industrial use of products, medical and other uses of safety concerns should be used in advance for the purpose of safety testing, confirmed after the judge to use or not. Must not be used in the body of the implantation, injection, residue and other purposes.

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