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Lime Smell standing deodorant
(Suggested price:NT $ 500)
Find the source of the difference
The smell of the garbage at home, the smell of the toilet, the odor in the refrigerator, the smell of the smell of the pet, the smell of smoke, the smell of soot, the smell of fish and so on are all disgusting, which is mainly sulfide, sulfur Alcohols and other substances caused by bacteria or chemical generated by the role.
The truth of the commercially available fragrance
The general fragrance for chemicals, to cover the way to deceive our sense of smell, fragrance does not break the odor ability, long-term use not only can not remove the smell but also because of chemical fragrance formaldehyde, TVOC and other carcinogens, long-term inhalation Will seriously affect the health of the body.

Smell standing deodorant ingots completely disintegrate unpleasant smell!
Will Smell static deodorant spindles placed in a specific space, he will absorb the moisture in the air after the start of activation, through the oxidation of microbial protoplatin active group way to achieve disinfection, antibacterial function, to avoid the virus, bacteria Infection, quickly achieve the effect of antibacterial deodorant.

Main Ingredients:
Chlorine dioxide precursor compound formula.

deodorant, antibacterial, to formaldehyde, eliminate nicotine and so on.

Scope of application:
Car, living room, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, bookcase, toilet, trash, kitchen, barrels, kitchen cabinets and other confined space. (If the concentration of the drug is too concentrated, it has a bleaching effect. Don’t place clothing, metal or easily oxidized items around the ventilation holes of the plastic box in order to avoid the problem that the clothes are bleached, the metal is rusted, or the items are oxidized appear.)

preservation method:
Please sealed in a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight, moisture preservation, not with flammable, explosive and acid, alkali substances stored together to avoid the children get the place.

How to use:
1. After the aluminum foil is opened, the ingot is put into a special plastic box, and the effective reaction is produced immediately.
2. Use period of 1 week to 10 days.

Production area: Taiwan

1. If you don’t use after opening, please sealed in a cool dry place, and to avoid children get.
2. Limited by the temperature, humidity, and light decomposition, the use of valid for about five to ten days after opening. (Temperature, humidity is the main factor affecting its release rate)
3. This product isn’t edible, if accidentally eating, should immediately drink a lot of water, and quickly seek medical treatment.
4. Don’t use with other disinfectants at the same time, if necessary, please contact the company.
5. This product should be placed in the dark, dry, waterproof, moisture, fire, cool place to save, at room temperature is valid for two years.
The Occupational Safety and Health Sector (OSHA) has set a working time of 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day to limit the concentration of chlorine dioxide in the air TWA0.1 ppm (or 0.3 mg / m3) ".
6. When the car is used, just enter the car, if the taste is thick, please open the window so that air circulation.
7. This product is a strong oxidant, excessive concentration of pharmaceutical concentration, with bleaching effect. Do’nt put clothing, metal or easy to oxidize the items, placed in the plastic box plastic cavity hole was spotted to avoid clothing bleached, the metal was rusted, the items were oxidized.
8. Body skin exposed, don’t directly contact with, or too close to the top of the ventilation hole to avoid skin irritation or burns. (Suspected) asthma patients, (suspected) skin sensitive,please avoid using it. If you have any use, please stop using it immediately and if you have any discomfort.
9. Children under six years of age should be avoided; children over six years of age should be accompanied by parents.
10. Reuse after use
     ★ can be dumped in the trash with deodorant.
     ★ can be placed inside the bucket to clean the use of clean.

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